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Indian Cuisine is thought for the extensive use of various spices. They add flavor and aroma to even the foremost basic dishes and should even be called the “heartbeat” of an Indian kitchen. Each and every spice of Atithi has its own flavor and purpose. Along with the delicious taste, Atithi spices also provide various health benefits, to prevent diseases and also to preserve food. Atithi Spices are not just ingredients but in fact they have been used for doing magics and creating the charm, flavor and aroma in Indian food.
The Masala Dabba or the container for atithi spices that each Indian Kitchen owns include spices like- Posto, Jeera, Kala Jeera, Haldi Powder, Chilli Powder, Kali Mirch Powder, Laung, Elaichi, Dhaniya Powder and Panch Phoran. To describe some of the spices-
There is absolutely no denying to the fact that the Black Pepper/ Kali Mirch is the king of all spices. Most of the Indian dishes would be unequipped if they lacked the taste and aroma of Atithi Kali Mirch. Kali Mirch is the go-to spice for any dish, if someone wants to attain an ideal health-taste balance. To add color and aroma within the food, Atithi Turmeric Powder, also referred to as the golden spice, is widely used in Indian cooking and is one of the best antiseptic for cuts, wounds or bruises. In the Indian style of cooking, turmeric is usually added at the beginning and sautéed with other ingredients such as onions, ginger, and garlic. Coriander powder/ Atithi Dhaniya Powder plays a significant role in preparing Indian Meals. They can be used in its whole/ ground form. It has a powerful aroma and is one among the foremost common ingredients used in making gravy and other Indian curry recipes. Cumin/ jeera seeds are small, crescent-shaped seeds majorly used in their whole form. To lend a smoky taste within the dish, Atithi Cumin Seeds are added which have an earthy flavor and a robust aroma. The spice is rich in manganese and also contain anti-carcinogenic properties. Clove/ Laung is extensively used in Indian cooking. The flavor it imparts to food is strong and warm. Laung is mostly used to flavor spicy food where the whole clove is cooked in oil or ghee. It is also a part of Garam Masala in the ground form. The spice Elaichi/ Cardamom, contains a strong, sweet flavor with mild pungency. It has a pleasing aroma and is used in meat-based dishes, gravies and in Indian desserts like kheer and halwa.

Atithi spices improve the natural flavor of cuisines and can be used to adjust the appearance of the food and make it more pleasing in color and aroma. Some of the spices grow wild and are an excellent source of food preservatives. The Atithi spices are essentially food enhancers that are used to give the food a distinct flavor and aroma.

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