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Anyone can pour some oil into a pan and cook but choosing the right cooking oils can mean a difference between tasty, nutritious meal and a smoke alarm going off over your burnt food. Fat for sure does play an essential role in a healthy diet. Choosing the right and the healthiest oil means preparing a heart-healthy, nutritious, and delicious meal.

Making small changes in daily cooking using Atithi cooking oils can go a long way in making your diet healthy, without adding any extra burden on you.

Atithi Kachi Ghani Premium Mustard Oil-

Mustard oil is said to be one of the most beneficial of all cooking oils. Using this oil reduces inflammation and pain, slows down cancer cell growth and blocks bacterial growth in the body. If you are looking for shiny glossy hair and a blemish free skin, then use mustard oil in your cooking. The best mustard oil available in the market is the Atithi Kachi Ghani Premium Mustard Oil. Atithi Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil is produced from the seeds of mustard plant grown with care and thus using it brings out the benefits and the advantages of using an ingredient in cooking which is pure and unspoiled. Atithi Kachi Ghani Premium Mustard Oil is known for its strong flavor, a pungent aroma and can be used to stir fry your favorite vegetables and making your favorite fish dishes.

Atithi soyabean oil-

Soyabean oil is another ingredient used in cooking the popular Indian dishes. This oil is recommended by health experts because it contains a good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and thus plays an integral role in keeping the human heart healthy and also helps in the working of the brain cells. Soyabean oil enhances immunity and is good for fetal development. It is imperative that one chooses Atithi Soyabean Oil as it is low in saturated fat and is one of the best oils to choose for overall heart health. Atithi Soyabean Oil also enhances the taste of vegetables and other Indian Dishes. The oil is enriched with vitamin A which helps in improving eyesight, Vitamin D which keeps your bone healthy and strong and Vitamin E which helps the hair and skin to shine.

Atithi Rice Bran Oil-

Rice bran oil is sourced from the chaff- the hard outer brown layer of rice. It is known for its mild flavor thus making it suitable for stir frying as well as deep frying. Rice Bran Oil has a high smoking point and is good for overall health and is one of the most widely used oil in the Indian Subcontinent. The Atithi Rice Bran Oil is considered as one of the healthiest options for cooking food and is a healthy source of monounsaturated fat. Atithi Rice Bran Oil has a number of health benefits such as it decreases the bad cholesterol in the body and acts as an antioxidant which helps in removing the free radicals from the body. Prolonged use of this oil leads to a healthy skin, long glossy hair and strong bones. Atithi Rice Bran Oil has a deep golden color and using it will ensure that your food always tastes good and remains healthy.

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