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5 benefits of drinking Atithi tea

Who does not love to drink tea? Be it a typical evening or a rainy day, tea is a must choice for our refreshment. Atithi tea is the best option to give yourself a joyful start at the morning. We have 3 different types of CTC tea leaves – classic, premium and gold, all sourced from North Bengal i.e. Darjeeling and Assam. Here are the 5 health benefits of Atithi tea –

  1. 100 % Natural

Our tea is made with all natural ingredients, no added color or such things. So, it’s always healthy to drink our products.

  • Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants Help us to stay young by removing free radicals. This process boosts over all health. Atithi tea contains antioxidants which will help to detox your body.

  • Improves Heart Health

Atithi tea keeps your heart healthy and decreases the chance of heart attack. Also drinking our tea can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol in blood.

  • Boosts Immune System

Drinking Atithi tea regularly will improve your immune system. And  a healthy immune system can protect you from many diseases.

  • Calorie Free

Atithi tea is calorie free. Hence it will not affect your health unlike other tea products.

Hence you can understand why choosing Atithi tea will ensure you a  healthy and long life. The aroma and authenticity of our tea makes us the best brand in West Bengal. We never compromise with products’ quality. So, give our products a permanent place in your kitchen and be healthy.

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