Posto Chicken

Posto Chicken Recipe 2021

Posto Chicken Recipe is really easy to make. Let’s see the step by step process in this Posto Chicken Recipe blog of Atithi products.


Posto Chicken Recipe 2021

Step 1: In a bowl, take poppy seeds, grated coconut, cinnamon stick, cardamom, Atithi cloves, green chillies garlic and ginger, and mix well until it forms a fine paste.

Step 2: Taking a kadai, pour some Atithi Refined Soyabean oil for heating.

Step 3: Sauté onions into it until they turn golden brown in colour.

Step 4: Now add the chicken pieces. Then add Atithi chilli powder, Atithi turmeric powder, and Atithi cumin powder as well as salt for taste. Mix and stir well.

Step 5: Let everything fry for 8-10 minutes on medium-to-high flame or when the chicken pieces start to change colour.

Step 6: Now, add the posto paste that was prepared earlier and stir well. Cover and fry for 5-8 minutes.

Step 7: Add water considering how much of gravy is desirable and the thickness of it. Stir some more until the chicken is soft and tender.

And done! Garnish with some coriander leaves and Posto Chicken is ready to be served hot with rice, paratha/roti for any family lunch or a fancy guest dinner!


Find The Posto Chicken Recipe Ingredients:

  1. 500gm clean chicken pieces
  2. 2 tablespoon of Atithi poppy seeds (posto)
  3. 4 chopped onions
  4. ½ inch cinnamon stick
  5. 2 cardamoms
  6. 2 Atithi cloves
  7. 5 cloves of garlic
  8. ½ teaspoon of ginger paste
  9. Green chillies
  10. Grated coconut
  11. Chopped coriander leaves
  12. Atithi Chilli powder
  13. Atithi Cumin powder
  14. Atithi Refined Soyabean Oil for cooking
  15. Salt for taste


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