Din ki Shuruwat

Atithi ke saath!

Atithi Agro Products laid its foundation some 40 years back in 1980. It started its humble beginnings with edible cooking oil. At present it is one of the fastest growing food processing brands. We indeed have come a long way with our loyal consumer support. At Atithi we believe that natural goodness is the way to go for a healthy and balanced life. That is the reason why everything that emerges from the Atithi Agro table – be it our edible oils, dry fruits, spices, cereals, basic flours, pulses, tea, – is always pure and authentic in nature. But best of the best product of Atithi Argo is edible cooking oil. We always come with best of the best cooking oil and other grocery product. We understand that our customers believe that we provide best cooking oil with other grocery items for them. Atithi always carry its Brand name by providing best for its customers. When it comes to cooking oil or any other grocery items our customer’s only blind choice is Atithi.

Cooking Oil & Grocery Itms Provider in West Bengal
We believe in bringing moments of delight in every product of Atithi. All our products are packed in an utmost hygienic atmosphere with full safety and we make sure that every product is brimming with its unique natural nutritional values. This is our genesis –“Din ki Shuruwat, Atithi ki saath” Atithi Agro Products is a focussed consumer products company uniting the food interests of the consumer under one umbrella. It is home to key brands such as Atithi, Shiv Shankar and Jeevan Jyothi. With a combined reach of over 20 million households, it has an unparalleled ability to leverage its brand in the consumer segment. We are on a mission to create a premier diversified consumer products company. Our strengths lie in our deep understanding of our consumers in Indian markets, iconic market leading brands and wide consumer reach. We are committed to delivering high-quality, innovative, tasty and convenient products with goodness at its core. Our portfolio of products ranges from edible oils, dry fruits, spices, pulses, cereals, flours, tea etcetera.

Mr. Ankit Goel

ATIHI PRODUCT : Cooking OIL, Dry fruits, masala


Sustainability is at the heart of our plans for long-term success. As a growing brand, it is important for us to build a future-ready business that will continue to meaningfully touch the lives of many more millions of people. Sustainable sourcing, waste management and climate change are some of the key focus areas and through our various environment and community focused initiatives, we intend to be the consumer’s first choice in sustainable foods & cooking oil. A lot of effort goes into each of our products, our dedicated research team does all the required R&D with utmost finesse to give our consumers the benefit of premium quality products at a very reasonable price which is our USP. Our team rigorously continues to maintain the quality of each product and try to improve it with each passing day. Consumer satisfaction is our biggest reward for which we toil so hard day in and out. We welcome all sorts of suggestions from everyone and try to implement them which in return helps our brand grow and remain at the top besides being consumer friendly!
While comes to the search of best cooking oil, Atithi is your ultimate destination. Atithi who is carrying a reputed brand name for providing best cooking oil in Kolkata, West Bengal with most refining method.

Fighting over making best cooking oil, we believe that Atithi Argo is the only way of finding the best of the best. So why wait, lets connect for best cooking oil.